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Mediterranean Sailing With Skipper


We have a perfect plan for your retirement or sabbatical leave: explore the Mediterranean for 12 months on your private sailing yacht with skipper.

Blue Lotus offers you the sailing experience of a lifetime. You can rent a yacht with skipper for 12 months and explore the Mediterranean. Sail to Greece, Turkey, Malta, Cyprus, Croatia, Italy, France and Spain. Enjoy the sunshine, blue waters, the nature, beautiful islands, little villages and great ancient cities. And off course, enjoy the amazing Mediterranean food.

You can choose a 33ft yacht with accommodation for 2 adults for €3.400 per month including boat rental, an experienced skipper and yacht insurance. Food, drink, fuels, marina fees and mooring fees are not included. If you want a bigger yacht you can also choose a 40ft for €4.500 per month.

We also offer an intensive training month where you learn all about open water yacht sailing and navigation. After this training you can explore the Mediterranean for 11 months. Or more if you feel like it.

If you prefer to sail with a group of people, you can also join our sailing retirement community. You live in a private double cabin on the 45ft sailing yacht with skipper. Explore the Mediterranean, celebrate life and make new friends.

You can apply for membership by sending an e-mail to info@sailingbluelotus.nl or text to +31 653 525214.

We hope to see you on board soon.

Remco & Joyce


The Blue Lotus – Mediterranean Sailing With Skipper

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